Saturday, July 19, 2008

I love my scrappin Boo

One of the things about owning a house rabbit is that you have to keep them occupied or they will chew on whatever you do not want them to. They are such funny little creatures. My house bun Boo loves to chew on my wicker basket by my fireplace to get my attention when he is bored. No Melissa, not the one that your Mom made me many Christmas' ago. That basket is upstairs in the guest room where he is not allowed. It's a basket that holds our firewood in the winter. Anyway....when I get after Boo about chewing on the basket, he immediately hops down from the fireplace and gives me an air kick with his back feet to show me that he is not happy with my scolding. Then he gives me a head wabble, which means in bun language, that he is laughing for getting scolded and thinks he has the upper hand.

1 Bunny Hugs:

Melissa said...

Aunt Tami, Tanner wants you to know that he "lubs" your bunny!