Saturday, May 8, 2010

My new used car

My Jeep finally said it's farewell to me about three weeks ago and although it was a somewhat sad parting, it was darn good to let the old girl go. Out with old (especially since I could not use the air conditioning in our 90+ degrees summers) and in with the new (power windows and air conditioning rocks).

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Melissa said...

Bet it's a hard adjustment going from sitting high in the Jeep to sitting low in the car. It was a bit of an adjustment for me going from the Jeep to the van. Looks nice Tami and I'm glad you are going to have air conditioning again!

Laurence said...

Air conditioning rocks, and it rocks hard. Heh. Really, driving a car without air-conditioning during the hot day is seriously uncomfortable - not to mention unhealthy. Glad you got your car replaced with a new used car. I hope you benefit from it's wonderful gift of cool air for a long time!

-Laurence Modithre

Clint Moore said...

I cannot imagine my car without an air conditioner. It can get uncomfortable and sticky, especially during summer time when the temperature can get searing hot. Good thing you replaced the old car. Drivers that do not have an AC can sometimes get terribly cranky. And I think you would not want to be that kind of person. Good luck with the new car!

@Clint Moore

Ellsworth said...

It sure is hard to let go of something you cherish. Your Jeep was great but a broken air conditioner can be a hassle. The heat of the car engine can add to the hot temperature of the season. And without an air conditioner, you may suffer from dehydration inside the car, or worse, a heat stroke.

@ Ellsworth Mciltrot

Carson Wininger said...

Although it is hard for you to bid farewell to your jeep, just think of it as a good investment. A car with no air conditioner can be uncomfortable to any passenger. They will be thirsty, sweaty, and stressed, and you will need more rest stop to freshen up yourself and the car.

@@Carson Wininger

Stelle said...

It is actually a great move that you got yourself a new used car even though abandoning the Jeep can be hard. Just look at the bright side, you would not worry anymore dealing with the 90+ degrees temperature. The air conditioner will be of good use for your new car when the hot days come.

@Stelle Courney