Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And the awards just keep coming...

Wow! I feel so honored to receive all the great awards that have come my way.

This is my first BFB Award and I want to thank Victoria of Victoria's Junk for giving me this wonderful award.

I am passing this award to the people that continue to stop by and leave me such wonderful comments on my projects. I feel like we are all in one big scrap room crafting together.

So with out further ado here are the followers who I am giving this award to:

1.Mommy’s Crafty Creations
2.Miis Lucky
4.Scrapp Inc
6.Disney Dreamer Designs
7.Creations by Mommy
8.A Gator 4 Life
9.Love to crop
10.Yesterdays Tomorrow

Thanks again Victoria.

8 Bunny Hugs:

Scrapper69 said...

Awweee... that's sooo sweet! Thanks for the award! :o)

Mommy's Crafty Creations said...

Thanks Tami, your so sweet. I will be posting my award soon. thanks again.


Amy said...

Thank you, Tami!! :) You're such a sweetie!! It means alot to me that you thought of me to pass this on to... I haven't been able to get much posting done lately, but I will get this passed on very, very soon!! Thanks SO much!! :)

Amy :) at

Glenda said...

Thank you Tami. This is another sweet surprise from you. I really appreciate your comments.

scrappinC said...

OMG! Thank you so much for the AWARD. I will get by award posted, by this weekend.
Cindy Lou

Mommy's Crafty Creations said...

Thank you Tami Im still trying to figure out who to make mu image lol once I get a clue and finish it i will let you know.



Melissa said...

So happy that you and your blog are getting some much deserved attention and love!

VICTORIA said...

You so welcome. Hugssss Victoria :) and i just saw your card at the top its beautiful.