Friday, April 1, 2011

My First A Thing of Beauty Award!!

I am so excited to announce that Vero at Mommy's Crafty Creations has just given me A Thing of Beauty Award!

Thank you Vero for this great Award!

NOTE: Ladies when accepting this award, you must list 5 things about yourself (including why you like crafting), pass it on to 5 others, and when you post the award to your sidebar, the award creator would like the award linked to her: gracenotes4today.

Here are 5 things about me:

1. I have a house rabbit that has been training me since I rescued him.
2. I love to read and am always looking for new books.
3. I just joined a Zumba class and love it!
4. Making cards for my friends and family is my happy time.
5. I also love chocolate and Starbucks white mocha's.

Here are the following 5 Blogs Im a sending this Award too:

1. Traci at cricut junkie creations
2. Lisa at lmd stampin
3. Bebyles at luxkunstengel

4. Melissa at disney dreamer designs

5. Genda at reflections

4 Bunny Hugs:

LMD Stampin said...

OMG!!! What a pleasant suprise. Thank you. Congratulation to you. You definitely deserve it. Your blog is so pretty.

BTW, the warm and fuzzy card is so cute.


Lisa D

Glenda said...

Thanks so much! How sweet of you! The award was quite a surprise and since I am new to the awards thng, as soon as I figure out how to, I will respond and pay it forward. I love your site, you are so talented.

VICTORIA said...

Stop by my blog i have an award for you. I see you don't have this one either. Victoria :)

Cricutjunkie said...

Thank you so much, I really appreciate this award. I will definetly pay it forward this week. Thanks Again Traci