Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pics from CKC

Okay I know some of you are tired of my posting from CKC but I promised to upload some pics so here they are.

Tami and I were just commenting to each other that we did not get a picture taken together. And this was our first meeting with a blogger friend. That's how distracting and exciting CKC can be. You are in sensory overload and are not sure what you are doing from one minute to the next if you are not in a class. If you have never been I highly recommend finding one near you that you could save up for and attend next year. Here's the link in case anyone is interested click here.

Okay on to the pictures:

The top of the picture is the Simply Copic Part 1 class that I took. This class is for beginners who want to learn how to use Copic Sketch markers and to learn what Copics are all about. All the classes give you things to take home. I ended up with three Copic Sketch markers, an outline pen, a mini clear stamp set, Copic color wheel, sample card stock to use with your Copics and a few cards that we made during class. I did discover that I am heavy handed when it comes to coloring with Copics and that it takes a lot of practice to use them unless you are a natural. I have a whole new appreciation for all the ladies out there that use Copics.

The top right of the picture was part of my Thursday Night class. Craft Fantastic showed us how to make the little decorative glass pieces. I went down to their booth and made a few more at their FREE make and take table then bought the bracelet to hang them on. That was so fun and easy to make. Click the link above to go check them out. You love them...

One of my favorite places to visit at the vendor fair is Eyelet Outlet. This is the bottom part of my picture and as you can see they have all kinds of fun brads and very nice prices. So I stocked up on my favorites.

This one is a littler harder to see put in the top of the picture is my packet from the Think Ink Class sponsored by Technique Tuesday. This class was all about inking and I took away a mini stamp set, a small ink pad, and a two page layout with extra embellishments.

The bottom of the pic is the packet from the Happiness is in the Details Sponsored by Creating Keepsakes. We started a mini album in class and took home enough papers, and embellishments to create a 16 page album. The album and 8 page protectors were included in the kit.

Pics continued on next post...

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Tami B. said...

Just a note... our Think Ink classes were different I think. Mine was by Creative Keepsakes and we got totally different "stuff" than what you got from Technique Tuesday.