Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday evening at Creating Keepsake Convention

I'm so excited that I found a few ladies to hang around with for this year's convention. I was feeling a bit down about not having anyone to go with this year and all of a sudden I came across a very sweet lady who lives just outside of Atlanta GA and another lady from Raleigh NC. So I guess I was sulking for nothing.

Plus I am still hoping to meet up with Tami from Tami's Craft Connections tomorrow. Or as she says, the other Tami. :)

Wow! Tonight's class was amazing. It was called the Thursday Night Technique Workshop and I walked out of there with some great techniques and tons of paper, embellishments and a new stamp set and ink. This class was all about a sneak preview of what the vendors will have in store for everyone at the convention tomorrow during the vendor fair. It's so exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Good thing I have a list to stick to. Hmmmm. ;) The only time I don't stick to my list is at this convention. hehehehe

I'll upload pictures on Sunday. I have a full day tomorrow from 5:30AM til 5:00PM. It doesn't really sound like a long day but when you are in crafting mode and shopping mode and on your feet for most of that time it does tend to wear you out a bit (in a good way).

I won't have a project for you this weekend but I will be happily scrapping next weekend with all the goodies that I brought back with me from convention.

Wishing you all a wonderful wacky scrappy weekend!!!

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